What is referral marketing and what is it for?

At present, referral marketing or “marketing good recommendations” is one of the best alternatives to get new clients. Let’s talk a little about it.

What is referral marketing?

The referral marketing is a strategy that is based on the old but successful method of “word of mouth”. This has been a very successful strategy for many years because it is based essentially on the recommendations of people who have already accessed a particular service, product or company.

This technique that we mentioned in this article, is based especially on that the own clients of a company or a service recommend it to other people of its surroundings, using strategies as it can be the case of the comments.

When talking about recommendations, comments or suggestions from people acquire a fundamental role and attention. In referral marketing, people will talk about a product or brand to others around them that they already know they may be interested in.

The fundamental objective on which referral marketing is based is to encourage people to be encouraged to make the comment or suggestion (which they probably intended to do) in a way that is not invasive or uncomfortable for the latter.

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How does referral marketing work in e-commerce?

There are many ways in which a customer can be encouraged to recommend an online store, company or brand. For this to happen it is necessary to achieve the purchase of the first customer and in addition, it is a really satisfying experience. This way the recommendation is better.

It is only when the customer is satisfied that he can be invited to recommend the product or brand with his friends and acquaintances.

One of the ways that are usually used to motivate a satisfied customer to recommend what they have acquired with the people in their environment, has to do with making the product even more attractive through discount or coupon systems. A very simple strategy is to offer a special discount on the next purchase if you invite or take with you a friend or several, who will also be beneficiaries of that attractive discount.

However, something that should not be forgotten when referring to referral marketing, has to do with ease of access to the recommendation.

Here, not only does it matter that the customer is satisfied in the first instance and that he and his friends can receive significant discounts, thus resulting in an attractive alternative, but also requires that the very act of recommendation is easy and fast to do, so as not to complicate who recommends and who is comfortable doing so.

Emailing is one of the possible ways to help the recommendation in addition to having greater contact with the customer, offering you this way promotions and discounts.

If you do not know how to carry out this type of strategy, approach a digital agency to solve your doubts.

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