How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Agency

The revolution of the creation of companies dedicated to the Internet is already past, now the task is to ask if all really are valid or if they are prepared to manage your brand or business. Some have specialized in certain areas, such as social media, paid media or SEO and others, directly, offer 360-degree services. The question is what is the best solution?

Below we will present a series of keys or tips that you have to take into account when selecting the Digital Marketing agency that best fits or has more affinity for your company or business.

  • The words profitability or ROI have to be in your usual conversation. Do not forget that your main goal is to be profitable and all tactics have to lead to it.
  • Close, because not all agencies talk about you to you, nor focus on people. Brands have to target people and put the customer at the center of the strategy: giving them what they want and throughout the buying process, not only in the buying phase, also in the moment of reflection and in their loyalty.

If a company does not give you confidence, turn it off and let’s go. And you ask yourself, how do you perceive trust? Well at the moment they offer support in valuing the project or proposal and in their baggage. You have to keep in mind that the Digital Marketing sector is full of sell-smokes and professionals have to give you a differential value.

  • Transparency yes or yes. An agency has to speak clearly, not crystal clear, and be totally sincere when presenting projects, give you estimates of results, talk about customer issues, present to the real team that would lead your brand or company, and – how not always row in the same direction, because this relationship will be a win to win.
  • Having credentials where you show your previous jobs or clients with whom you have worked will be a big point in your favour. It shows how their work, what challenges have been raised and if they have managed to overcome. In addition, it will not only give you the vision of being a consolidated agency (this is not measured by the number of years of experience, but by the results), but you will get an idea of the sectors or brands with which you are already familiar. To give you an idea, working for a bank is not the same as for a brand of spirits; or a brand of clothing or beauty that have worked with a technology brand. It is not the same although everything enriches. In any case, if we pay attention to this point we will also have to consider if they have some type of channel where clients’ testimonies are shown.
  • The cost. We will always pay attention to a proposal willing to see the last slide where the price appears. You have to be prepared and know that nobody sells hard to four pesetas and that everything has to have a realistic and reasonable price. To verify that this is true, it will be very useful to calculate the hours dedicated to the project and the professionals who support the project. Because a team of fellows is not the same as seniors. You can also use this digital marketing price calculator.

Taking into account all the above points, we have investigated and, among others, the Digital Marketing agency, web chromite would fulfil them. He specializes in SEM, SEO and Social Media Marketing. It is a newly created company that would fulfil all the requirements previously.

Do not choose impulsively, decide based on what we said and sure you will make the right decision.

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