Refund Policy

A detailed contract is signed when our company agrees to any contracts. Most of the terms and conditions are mentioned in the contract. However, we request clients to kindly go through our website as well before making any decisions. This is solely to avoid any future misunderstanding and interruptions in business dealings.

We have a clear refund policy whereby you may or may not get the refund for our services considering the individual circumstances and situations. If the work has not begun, you may receive the refund.

If the work is in progress or our staff has started with the work, then there are minimal chances of receiving refund for your payment. Refund policy solely depends on the progress, situation and the status of the work assigned to our team and members. However, there are no returns on the works that have been entirely finished. If you violate any of our terms and conditions while the work is in progress, you may not be given any refund whatsoever. Once a payment is made, it is most likely to not be refunded.